This is how I want to sleep! Your body is unique and so are your sleeping requirements. hülsta offers the correct mattress for you and your needs.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses from hülsta are made from natural rubber, a renewable source. The high permanent elasticity of Latex makes the mattresses both durable and sustainable. Latex mattresses naturally feature a very good point and surface elasticity, which no other mattress can provide to this degree. The mattress therefore perfectly adapts to your body and guarantees maximum freedom of movement. The open-pore structure of the material ensures good ventilation of the mattress.



hülsta ELLEpur

As a renewable material, natural rubber is ecological and combines perfect lying properties with healthy ventilation to ensure restful sleep. The addition of 15% synthetic Latex improves the durability of the high-quality material even more.

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Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses from hülsta consist of a uniform core or of several layers in order to achieve different lying properties. They transmit the adjustments of flexible base frames particularly well to the lying body, allowing you to find a mattress that is individually suited to you. hülsta exclusively uses high-quality foams with an especially high volumetric weight. Above average ventilation in combination with our patented ventilation channels ensures an excellent sleeping climate.



AirDream smart

Attractive cold foam model with all of the good properties that make a cold foam mattress a test winner. High-quality material with functional 3D-mesh cover in best hülsta quality.

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AirDream 8000 thermo

A mattress as individual as your body. Featuring a viscotherm and a cold foam side, it can be turned. Viscotherm reacts to warmth and weight of the resting body, without limiting the freedom of movement. Patented ventilation design for perfect heat and moisture transport.

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AirDream 7000

An ergonomically adapted multi-zone support and spring elements in different firmness levels in the mattress core provide the correct support for the body in any sleeping position without compromising on freedom of movement. Vertical and horizontal ventilation channels within the mattress ensure the ideal sleeping climate.

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AirDream 2000

The cold foam mattress with integrated climate function. Our patented cut technique that we use for the high-quality cold foam allows the air to perfectly circulate beneath the resting body, guaranteeing reliable moisture transport. The result is a dry, comfortably warm climate that ensures restful sleep.

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Spring core mattresses

Spring core mattresses feature a core made from numerous springs with different firmness levels, which are sewn into individual pockets. They bring the body into a perfect position. The slight swinging with every movement creates a comfortably floating lying feeling, which many people find particularly relaxing. This sensation promotes a deep, restful sleep. The spring core is covered with different materials, which – depending upon choice – provide different lying properties. The hülsta ventilation functions ensure a comfortably dry and cool sleeping climate.



TopPoint gel

A gel mattress off ers incomparably sumptuous comfort. Your body gently sinks in, the spine is supported, muscles are relaxed and pressure points are reduced. Enjoy a wonderfully fl oating lying feeling – both weightless and cosy.

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TopPoint 4000

A mattress with ergonomically ideal lying properties. The patented design of the core, combined with comfortable cold foam layers, ensures ergonomic support in all sleeping positions and an ideal sleeping climate. Good in order to fully relax and wake up relaxed.

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TopPoint 1000

The structured surface of the cold foam on the spring core creates a particularly comfortable lying feeling because of its excellent soft eff ect. An effi cient climate system transports moisture and heat from the core to the outside, thus ensuring tranquil and restful sleep.

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TopPoint 500

The spring core is upholstered with a layer made from highly elastic cold foam, which quickly recovers its shape. This mattress therefore retains its quality and good lying properties for a long time.

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deluxe MTL

This particularly comfortable spring core mattress features an integrated topper core made from high-quality pincore latex, which can easily be removed if required. The exclusive mattress cover combines climatic fi bre with pure wool and is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch – deluxe, after all.

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deluxe MTK

A voluminous mattress with a lot of comfort – perfect for your boxspring bed. Micro springs and luxury upholstery off er wonderfully relaxing pressure relief in two phases. Perfect air circulation (hülsta patent) within the core, upholstery and cover provide a perfectly dry sleeping climate that helps to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

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