Our hülsta planning advice

Benefit from the free of charge planning service carried out by hülsta design professionals. This is how to do it.


Simply measure the room or area that you want to fit out with new furniture. Describe any peculiarities and challenging room features that require consideration when furnishing, such as sloping walls, recesses, door or window positions etc. Decide how you want to use this room or area in the future. It is important for the planners to know, for instance, whether any TV and HiFi components or any other specific functionalities need to be included. Choose your favourite hülsta range and give details of wood and lacquer versions.


On the basis of your data, we will create a computer aided design within a week (wall elevations, details about unit types and sizes), which can be taken directly to your local hülsta dealer. Simply fill in our checklist


Our hülsta interior design advice

In three steps to your interior dream


Are you looking for an interior design concept that perfectly matches you and your home? hülsta interior designers know that layout and design of a home have an impact on the well-being of its inhabitants. Together with you, they therefore plan rooms, which are individually tailored to your requirements. On the basis of your floor plan and your requests, our interior designers create an individual concept and turn it into reality using hülsta furniture.

This service will provide perfect solutions for your home. The final decision is yours, of course. We charge a fee of 185 Euros per room for this extensive interior design advice.

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Interior design advice

1. Put your wishes to paper

Your task: Make an inventory of your home environment and your requirements. Send us your floor plan with dimensions and add information regarding the use of space, photos and – if already known – indications about the requested hülsta range. The more detailed your requirements, the more accurately your ideas will be translated into the planning.

2. Develop a personal concept

Now it‘s our turn: On the basis of your style, your wishes and feelings and your input, our planning experts develop a professional living area plan down to the last detail – including layout, furniture suggestions, finishes, floors and wall design.

3. Perfecting your home together

Now the concept is optimised together: Once you have reviewed the planning idea, we can add the finishing touches. hülsta furniture ranges deliver an attractive overall look using any version and any finish in any combination. Each range leaves plenty of scope for individual ideas and bespoke furniture. Give each piece of furniture the look that matches your style and your living area. Your new interiors will always provide a beautifully balanced overall look and will perfectly fit into your living space. There is not only a choice of many standard sizes, but most of the furniture also allows individual length, width and height reductions. Bespoke productions will fulfil very special wishes. Everything is made to your order. You will know when you see it.