now! spin

As a furniture manufacturer, we therefore must design furniture to be more intelligent than ever. With now! spin, hülsta links design and function: Rotating units are the core pieces of the new collection. They provide exceptional fl exibility for everyday life. A few easy steps turn a stylish chest into a home o ce or a dining table into a conference table. The night consoles also o er intelligent features: They can be turned and are equipped with a stylish tablet bracket, thus enabling you to watch TV or listen to music in bed.

The now! spin collection o ers solid wood units in maple and natural oak that are combined with lacquered surfaces in grey and white. Clean and simple lines have a calming impact, especially with suspended units.

Soon available.




now! time

A balanced look, individually designed using the modular unit principle – the choice of units for your combination depends upon what you like and need, what you want to display and store. In a mix of materials as shown here or totally different.

Clean and simple or happily playful? Both can be perfectly combined: Open compartments in silk grey, lemon, old rose, teal blue, natural oak and core walnut turn now! time design classics into true eye-catchers.




now! moon birdy

The firebirds are coming – to bring some holiday flair into your garden or on to your balcony: now! moon birdy is a seat, a work of art and a lamp – all in one. And sturdy enough to survive the winter instead of migrating south. If you like a bit of colour, you can fi t out a whole flock of them with coloured bulbs.

This curious bird is the highlight of any barbecue and a romantic companion on those balmy summer evenings. In winter it will warm your heart when you glance out of the window.

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