now! spin in light maple gives the room a comfortable feelgood atmosphere.

Relaxed design and functionality: The bed console is a multi-functional table; a tablet holder allows you to watch a film or read your e-book. Winter clothes or summer duvets as well as little souvenirs or big secrets can easily hide in the spacious drawers underneath the bed..

now! Spin wardrobe, suspended shelf, chest in white + European maple
now! Spin bedroom in natural oak + white, bed with beigerose upholstered headboard
now! Spin bed with upholstered headboard in beigerose + mutifunktional table
now! Spin multifunctional table as night console in European maple
now! Spin bedroom in European maple + blue-green upholstered headboard
now! Spin bed with blue-green upholstered headboard in European maple

Abracadabra, the rotating night console can be pulled up or pushed back to the wall as if by magic.

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You won't want to get out of this bed.

If you can't get out of the now! no.14 comfort bed, your only chance will be a reliable designer alarm clock matching the wood, lacquer or upholstered headboard. You can put it onto the matching console, which is also available with glass bonnet.  

A plain bedframe made from warm core walnut or beautiful natural oak, white or grey lacquer plus large cushions for leaning onto in a  colour of your choice. Distinctive gloss metal legs. Sexy, what do you think? And that is just one of many versions …

Now! No.14 Schlafzimmer, Schrank und Bett in Kernnussbaum und weiß
Now! No.14 Schlafzimmer in Natureiche und weiß, Bett mit Polsterkopfteil
Now! No.14 Bett in Natureiche mit Kissenkopfteil aus Flachgewebe
Now! No. 14 Schrank in Hochglanz-schwarz, Bett mit Kopfteil aus Leder

There are many beds on the market, however not all are as stylish yet mega-comfortable as the one from now! no.14. Headboard, bedframe, legs and consoles can be selected to suit your individual ideas.

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Timeless designs – a dream

The bed from the now! time designer range looks fabulous and is really comfortable.  The clean lines ensure a tidy bedroom, the consoles give easy access to everything you might need. The reading light can be integrated into the headboard. Practical!   

As the now! time upholstered bed is available in six widths ranging from 100 cm to 200 cm, it is the perfect choice for a single bed, such as for a youth room: The slim version is an ideal youth or guest bed. Tip: When "young" furniture is timeless, it can easily be used as "adult" furniture later.

Now! Time Schlafzimmer in weiß und Natureiche, Bett mit Polsterkopfteil
Now! Time Bett in Lack-weiß mit Polsterkopfteil in rauchquarz
Now! Time Jugendzimmer mit Schreibtisch und TV-Möbeln in Natureiche + weiß
Now! Time Jugendzimmer Bett und Nachtkonsole in Natureiche + weiß
Now! Time Jugendzimmer Bett in Natureiche, Kopfteil aus weißem Kunstleder
Now! Time Schlafzimmer Bett in Lack-weiß, Polsterkopfteil in grauem Kunstleder
Now! Time Bett in Natureiche, Kunstlederkopfteil in weiß
Now! Time Schlafzimmer in Lack-weiß und schwarz

Combine the stylish bedframe in oak, walnut or lacquer with a choice of two different headboards. Softly upholstered, they make reading in bed very comfortable.

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The crucial question when buying a bed:

Boxspring or no Boxspring? Two sets of springing make sleeping in the new Boxspring-type bed units a sumptuously cosy experience. It is so comfortable that one should probably spend a lot more time in the most relaxing part of the home. What about a bed office instead of a home office?  

The Boxspring beds from now! clearly show their contribution to more sleeping comfort: Upholstered headboards and bedframes in different versions are perfect for leaning onto. The sprung bed box underneath the mattress is reminiscent of the royal bed of the Princess on the Pea - but no pea will disturb the sleep in this bed. Far too good just for sleeping!

Now! Boxspring Bett Kopfteil mit Holzknöpfen in kastanienbraunem Kunstleder
Now! Boxspring (A) Kopfteil mit Olivenholzknöpfen aus Kunstleder-Vintage
Now! Boxspring Bett ( E) mit abklappbaren Kopfstützen in anthrazit
Now! Boxspring Bett ( E) mit klappbaren Kopfteil aus Flachgewebe in beigerosa
Now! Boxspring ( E) Kopfteil in anthrazit gemustert
Now! Boxspring ( E) Kopfteil in anthrazit gemustert, nach vorn geklappt
Now! Boxspring Bett ( C) in pflaume mit Stehsaum am Kopfteil
Now! Boxspring ( C) in maisgelb aus Flachgewebe mit Vlies

Boxspring beds featuring double the amount of elasticity invite you to cuddle, chill, chat and bounce.

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The good old wardrobe has undergone a major facelift.

The wardrobe has turned into a clever wardrobe system that fulfils every wish – from compact wardrobe to complex corner solution or a walk-in wardrobe that does not require fronts. You can integrate large drawers as an intermediary unit of a now! flexx wardrobe, thus saving the space of an additional chest in the bedroom.

Pulll-in devices and shelves, hinged doors, open compartments, high-gloss lacquer, lacquer and wood, fabulous lighting solutions and all sorts of compartments, drawers and holders for the interiors - each now! flexx wardrobe can be customised.

Now! Flexx Kleiderschranksystem mit Stangen und offenen Fächern in weiß
Now! Flexx Kleiderschrank in Hochglanz-schwarz, Schubladen in Eiche
Now! Flexx Kleiderschrank über Eck in weiß, Rahmen + Schublade in Nussbaum
Now! Flexx Kleiderschrank in Hochglanz-schwarz, offenes Fach in Nussbaum
Now! Flexx Kleiderschrank mit Drehtüren in weiß
Now! Flexx Kleiderschrank in schwarz mit Akzenten in Nussbaum

Perfect inside and out: lacquer, high-gloss lacquer, walnut or oak on the outside, inside, there are as many functions and compartments as you might need. A now! flexx wardrobe system matches all of the now! ranges – also in terms of accents, frames and lighting.

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Sliding is a stunning functionality of furniture.

Open, closed, open, closed – a sliding door is fun and looks fabulous. A wardrobe system such as now! slide can have many faces: This pretty system unit is available in two heights and three widths, three designs, six front and accent versions for the large fronts (ranging from white high-gloss lacquer to elegant core walnut), plus two types of handles and a raft of extras.  

System furniture brings order to the bedroom. Behind the large doors of the wardrobe, everything inside is concealed. A wardrobe with clever interiors (and optional lighting) makes it possible - and lets you relax.

Now! Slide Schiebetürenschrank in schwarz und weiß mit Beleuchtung
Now! Slide Schiebetürenschrank in matt schwarz und weiß
Now! Slide Schiebetürenschrank in weiß, Akzentstreifen in Kernnussbaum

Large, individually designed fronts that smoothly slide to one side to reveal your clothes (and the smart interiors) are characteristic of now! slide.

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