What does modern living mean? Are we talking about design? Trends? or must-haves?

now! easy not only delivers just one design! Instead, now! easy offers solutions for modern living that allow you to design your home just as you like it at any time. Always new. Always uncomplicated. Always completely flexible. Here is your personal manual to the How-I-like to-live-room!

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From living to dining. Hallway or dining room?

Just out of bed, now working. Classic living areas have long since turned into modern living worlds. now! easy is at the heart of it – and makes more of less.


How do I find the perfect dining table for my home?

hülsta offers fabulous furniture that will make you enjoy your dining area even more. Comfortable chairs and dining tables in different sizes, which can be combined with functional dining room or living room furniture leave plenty of scope for your own ideas. The result: an inspirational space that will invite you and your guests to have a lovely time together.  Our STOLZ team has talked to Ralf Niermann, product manager at hülsta, to find out how to put units together that make you happy.

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Slatted base or base frame? It doesn't matter…a suitable mattress is the start to a good night's sleep.

Did you know that we spend approximately 24 years of our life asleep? About time then to finally transform your bedroom into your personal feel-good space. We have therefore made an overview on how this could look, which system ensures restful sleep and what else is required to increase sleep quality.

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Sleep. Chill. Feel good.

For more than five decades, hülsta has been seen as an expert when it comes to ideal sleep. Numerous bedroom ranges, upholstered and Boxspring beds as well as matching base frames and mattresses make up our extensive collection for restful sleep.  


hülsta Homestory - when dreams come true.

In the middle of Canadian Ontario, Tanya and Khaleed had a house built, which is individually tailored to their requirements. In their search for the right furniture, they found us and immediately loved our ranges. So much so that they fitted all of the 12 rooms with our furniture.

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Stefanie Wassing, hülsta project designer:

“Accompanying Tanya and Khaleed regarding the interior design of their new home was very exciting. We have planned the majority from afar, using images and descriptions. We were so pleased that everything fitted inch-perfect in the end and that both of them were delighted with the result. “

Stefanie Wassing

STOLZ - editions 2017

We have collected the last Stolz editions. Many valuable tips remain relevant and exciting!

Here you can poke through some earlier editions. Outdated? Never! There are many interesting subjects to discover. We are proud of our Magazin.