Dining areas must be true all-rounders – comfortable chairs and a practical table matching each other.

Having a coffee in the morning, doing artwork with the kids in the afternoon and enjoying a glass of wine with friends in the evening. Plan ahead in order to enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Interview with product manager Ralf Niermann.

Round, rectangular, oval, wood, ceramics, glass - in terms of shape and material, the choice of tables is so versatile that the decision might become a challenge. How do I find the perfect dining table for my home?

Go with what you like, however: I would always focus on the available space and the required functionalities. Here is a practical example: A round table is beautiful, but it must really fit into the room to make the most of its shape. Rectangular tables are more compliant. Oval tables such as the T 80 bridge the two worlds. If you have a wooden floor and are also considering a sturdy wooden table, then don't take any rash decisions. Many manufacturers offer samples so that you can see how well the woods match one another. Additonally, hülsta offers a planning service - on the basis of the floor plan, our expert planners produce a 3D-design that shows which table best matches your existing furniture and room. 

A small dining space, yet often many guests? How do you plan the ideal table for family and friends?

An easily extendable table is particularly useful for a small room, which every now and then must accomodate many guests. A selection of different chairs works well. I would start off with a small table and then add eye-catchers in beautiful colour shades or matching chairs with or without armrests. This adds a light-hearted touch to the overall look.

Which current trends are worth following?

The current trend is towards combining different materials. Seat shells are often covered with velvety fabric on the inside and elegant leather on the outside. That not only looks good but is also beautiful to the touch. In addition to the classic firm upholstered cushions, you will increasingly find sumptuously soft upholstered cushions that you can sink into without compromising on suitable support. Always test a chair to experience its comfort. There is also a choice of elegant colours:our fabric collection now includes a warm Bordeaux red in shimmering fabrics and we are working with high-quality manufacturers such as Kvadrat and Rohleder. Fortunately, in the case of many fabrics, an elegant look and practicality do not exclude each other, quite the contrary - they are practical and easy to clean.

A very trendy material for tables is the Nanotech surface FENIX© that makes table tops beautiful to the touch and provides a particularly elegant, matt look. It hardly shows fingerprints and superficial micro scratches can be treated thermally.  

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