Living with hülsta - the homestory from Canadian Ontario.

In the middle of Canadian Ontario, Tanya and Khaleed had a house built, which is individually tailored to their requirements. In their search for the right furniture, they found us and immediately loved our ranges. So much so that they fitted all of the 12 rooms with our furniture.

The ET 1500 offers plenty of space for Tanyas and Khaleed‘s guests and can even be extended if required. Chairs from the D27 range provide extra comfort. The SCOPIA sideboard creates elegant storage space and effortlessly matches the overall look.

Clean-lined hülsta furniture make exactly the right statements. The round table, for instance, creates an impressive contrast to the columns and the balustrade.

Playfully oriental meets subtlety and opulence.

Khaleed and Tanya‘s new home features exciting ideas that create an individual and stylish look.

A further look at Tanya‘s und Khaleed‘s dining area: the two GENTIS glass cabinets are a perfect colour match to the D 27 chairs, whilst displaying the elegant vases to great effect.

Precision work: The SCOPIA glass cabinets fit exactly into the recess, explain Tanya and Khaleed. They not only provide perfect storage for books, magazines etc. but also display them in style.

The extraordinary SCOPIA combination is definitely an eye-catcher in the new home office. The work space featuring the B 180 from now! by hülsta match the colour and create a beautifully balanced atmosphere.

It was love at first glance:

After visiting a NEW York showroom of a German kitchen manufacturer, Tanya and Khaleed also wanted German furniture. Looking on the internet, they first saw our CUELLO and were instantly fired up.

A bedroom perfect for dreaming and a breakfast space that invites you to stay.

After a good night's sleep, the day starts with a good breakfast and a fabulous view.

Let the day begin!