Slatted base or base frame? It doesn't matter…a suitable mattress is the start to a good night's sleep.

Did you know that we spend approximately 24 years of our life asleep? About time then to finally transform your bedroom into your personal feel-good space. We have therefore made an overview on how this could look, which system ensures restful sleep and what else is required to increase sleep quality.

The hülsta bedroom ranges: what style would you like?

Whether elegant like MADERA, harmonious with natural wood accents like CITADA or extravagant like TETRIM - the versatility of the hülsta bedroom ranges has no limits.13 different ranges offer our customers the chance to individually furnish their bedroom.

There is a choice of different bedroom ranges, upholstered and Boxspring beds as well as mattresses and base frames.

For more than five decades, hülsta has been seen as an expert when it comes to ideal sleep. Numerous bedroom ranges, upholstered and Boxspring beds as well as matching base frames and mattresses make up our extensive collection for restful sleep. The bedroom is therefore much more than simply a functional room. It becomes a space for relaxation. A retreat after a busy day and your personal calm zone. 

hülsta sleeping systems: the good-night experts.

Whilst some people seem to be able to sleep anywhere and at any time, others have special requirements in terms of bed, base frame and mattress. For more than five decades, hülsta has therefore worked on "healthy sleep". The result: an extraordinary system of unique components that all work well with one another and which are as versatile as the requirements of the respective people themselves.

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Six tips to increase sleep quality!

Exercise during the day, sleep well at night.

Taking a few extras steps during the day or exercising regularly helps to achieve deeper and better sleep during the night. However, exercising just before going to bed is not recommendable, as this can often have the reverse effect. Going for a walk is a much better option.

Pssst ... Ruhezone schaffen.

Es liegt auf der Hand: Lärm stört unseren Schlaf massiv und sorgt dafür, dass wir aus wichtigen Tiefschlafphasen in leichtere Schlafphasen wechseln. Eine befahrene Straße hat da mit 70-80 Dezibel schon enorme Auswirkungen. Eine gute Fensterdämmung, Gardinen oder zur Not auch Ohrstöpsel helfen, die wohlverdiente Ruhe zu finden.

Not too warm, not too cold.

Shhhh ... create a calm zone. It is obvious: noise massively disrupts our sleep and results in us moving from the important deep sleep phases to lighter sleep phases. A busy road with 70-80 decibels has a huge effect. Good window insulation, curtains and possibly earplugs help to get well-deserved rest.

Healthy diet = good sleep.

Like in other areas of life, diet also has an impact on sleep. If you genereally have a healthy diet, you give your body all the vital nutritients for restful sleep. Also don't forget the very old rule: don't eat anything greasy before going to bed, as your body is busy digesting during your sleep and thus loses vital energy.

Keep the routine.

Try to go to bed and get up every day at a certain time. Your body will tell you whether you are really tired. Try and keep the same routine even on weekends or during your holidays.

Avoid blue light in the bedroom

Checking emails just before going to sleep or watching a TV-series is tempting, but it seriously disrupts sleep. The blue wavelengths of the devices have a stimulating effect and inhibit the natural melatonine production in the evening. Therefore, it is best not to take your smartphone or tablet into the bedroom.

Der Bettentrend Nummer 1: Die große Boxspring-Vielfalt bei hülsta.

Large. Super comfortable and on top of that really stylish: Boxspring beds are among the most trendy beds in Germany. No wonder: the comfortable upholstered beds offer royal sleeping comfort and quickly transform the bed into an individual oasis of calm.  

Best of all: the Boxspring system from hülsta offers endless possibilities to configure your personal dream bed. Simply design your perfect bed from numerous shapes, sizes and colours. Comfortable selection and even more comfortable sleep - that's Boxspring made by hülsta. Curious? This way to the Boxspring configurator:

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