From living to dining. Just out of bed, now working. Hallway or dining room?

now! easy - because life is complicated enough.  Classic living areas have long since turned into modern living worlds. now! easy is at the heart of it – and makes more of less.

Homeoffice now! easy

Hallway now! easy

Have a look at all that's possible: now! easy can do this in your home!

Everything you need: just a handful of elements provide maximum design possibilities. Wall-mounted, freestanding, stacked. Simply do what you like. Modular units turn into a living room combination, a sideboard or a piece of art. One thing is for sure, there is no need to take any final decisions.

The best thing about now! easy: more than enough inspiration for everyone.

The super practical planning ideas allow you to click your way to your dream combination. Envisage how your room will look, design your living room, bedroom, bathroom, home office or whatever you require - and simply order it. This is our take on "easy". Free of charge funiture design tool.

furniture planner

Dining room now! easy

Living room now! easy

Shelving now! easy

Space-saving miracles now! easy

Which colour suits me? Have a look at the colour worlds.

What colour type are you? Do you prefer light and friendly? Or rather mystically dark contrasts? Just look at the images to get the ultimate proof of the power of colour.

Yes, these are the same furniture units within your 4 walls.

The new now! easy colour worlds allow you to bring your very own colour ideas into your home. Practical accent elements will help you: whether mystically dark featuring shades such as violet or core walnut - or friendly and light using a fresh old rose or natural oak.

Each individual now! easy element perfectly fits to create a balanced overall look.

Colour? Yes or no?

Just paint the walls in your favourite colour. now! easy furniture will certainly work with it!

Everything about now! easy: